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Fly Excellent Air Ltd operates


DAMP, Ad-Hoc,

Business, Private

& Charter Leases

The correct choice always makes that difference


Fly Excellent Air Ltd is a flight operator that provides

cost-efficient flights and effective operations in the airline sector.

We pride in our work and focus on the small parts that deliver the large results for our customers.

Our team focuses on your requirements to provide ACMI/WET Lease, Damp Lease and Ad-Hoc operations.


“We focus on our customers being in the center”

3 simple reasons why to Fly Excellent Air Ltd


Our services provide Wet Lease/AMCI, Charter & Damp operations. Adjust your fleet due to increased capacity or other reasons. We have competitive pricing and flexible terms.

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Depending upon your needs we can provide for Private, Business and Charter flights. Our capacity ranges from 34 seater to 180 seater with our coming fleet.

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Our professional team
of bilingual pilots and flight attendants
will ensure that your passengers
will have
a comfortable and Excellent” flight.

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“Our goal is to provide an Excellent Flight“

Our planes are available for charter, business or private upon request.






We take pride in providing your passengers on our flights with “Comfort, Relaxation and Safety”  

Welcome Aboard

The airline that meets your needs

Fly Excellent Air Ltd operates ACMI/WET,
Damp, Ad Hoc and Charter services.
Ask us a quote for an ACMI Wet Lease contract
that suits your company needs.


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