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ACMI – Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance & Insurance

The LESSOR provides the aircraft, one or more complete crews (flight deck, cabin attendants and engineers) including their salaries but usually not their daily allowances, all maintenance for the aircraft and insurance, which usually includes hull and third party liability. The LESSOR will charge for the block hour (choc off to choc on) and depending on the aircraft type, sets a minimum guaranteed block hours limit per month. If the airplane flies or not, the LESSEE must pay the amount for the minimum guaranteed block hours. The period can go from one month to usually one to two years. Everything less than one month can be considered as ad-hoc charter.

The LESSEE has to provide all fuel, landing/handling/parking/storage fees, crew HOTAC including meals and transportation as well as visa fees, import duties where applicable, as well as local taxes. Furthermore, the LESSEE has to provide passenger/luggage and cargo insurance and in some cases need to cover the costs for War Risk.

The LESSEE has also to pay the over flight/navigation charges. This point can be a bit complicated. When flights are operating they use a flight number, which is issued to airlines by the ICAO. In order to cover the costs of air traffic control services, states over flown will send a bill to the owner of the flight number, which can be readily identified by its code. The aircraft owner will probably have a code, but will not want to use it because he will end up paying the bills. Therefore, an ACMI lease requires that the LESSEE provide his own flight number, so that the bills can be directed to him. Thus, an ACMI lease can usually only take place between two ICAO member states airlines unless other arrangements have been made between LESSOR and LESSEE.

Wet Lease

Over the years aircraft leasing has gone through many changes and so today the terminology may not always reflect the service provided.

In the UK for instance, Wet lease use to mean, quite logically, ‘including fuel’. To our knowledge, generally only a charter service will include fuel in the price.

Today, ACMI, Damp and Wet Lease are interchangeable and a rate quoted will usually not include cabin crew (except for the legal requirement of a supervising purser).

Damp Lease

Is similar as ACMI and Wet leasing, however the term usually meant ‘without cabin crew’ (in some countries it was referred to as Wet Lease ‘without fuel’).

Under Damp lease, the LESSEE will provide the cabin crew.
This can only be done if the cabin crew receives SEP (Safety and Emergency Procedures) training by the LESSOR, in order to be acquainted with the differences of the aeroplane.

Nevertheless, the Lessor will provide a supervising cabin purser. This term is not often referred too these days, the term ACMI now covers this. Dry Lease Is the lease of the basic aircraft without insurances, crew, maintenance etc. Usually dry lease is utilized by leasing companies and banks.

A dry lease requires the LESSEE to put the aircraft on his own AOC and provide aircraft registration. A typical dry lease starts from two years onwards and bears certain conditions as far as depreciation, maintenance, insurances etc. are concerned. This depends on the geographical location, political circumstances etc.

• Provision of aircraft
• Full aircraft maintenance including spare parts and the manpower
• Adequate flight crew sets
• Operational support in terms of crew scheduling
• Aircraft oil and lubricants as required
• Aircraft insurance (Hull and Third Party Liability)

• Aircraft fuel
• Flight Dispatch, Flight Clearances and operational Flight plans.
• ATC fees and route navigational charges
• Flight planning/slot coordination, over flight and landing permissions
• All kinds of Airport charges including landing and parking fees
• All kinds of Airport Taxes / fees
• All Ramp Services, including De-Icing, Pushback or Towing
• Aircraft, Passenger and baggage handling
• Cargo loading-unloading and Handling charges
• Cargo Insurance
• Unit Loading Devices, Pallets and other Cargo Handling Equipment
• Passenger security and security taxes
• Crew per diems
• Passenger and crew catering
• All dry goods, including but not limited to head rest covers, airsickness bags, blankets and pillows
• Daily a/c cabin cleaning, water and toilet services (and de icing if necessary)
• Aircraft interior deep cleaning and exterior cleaning
• Airport security ID cards, Visas or necessary permits
• Travel costs related to crew positioning
• Crew transportation and accommodation at LESSEE's specified location.
• Additional insurances - e.g. war risk
• Aircraft mobilization and demobilization to LESSEE's specified location.
• Office Space for operations and maintenance including telephone, fax, email etc.
• Storage space meeting the regulatory requirement for Aircraft Spare Parts.
• All costs associated with obtaining necessary permits / clearances and setting up the operations and maintenance facilities
   at LESSEE's specified location.
• Customs Taxes, Immigration and Inspection Fees
• All kind of Import and/or Export Taxes, Levies
• All local fees, taxes and duties related to the operation

Fly Excellent Air Ltd operates ACMI/WET, Damp, Ad Hoc and Charter services. Ask us a quote for an ACMI Wet Lease contract that suits your company needs.


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