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We can provide a charter solution whatever your requirements, for a wide variety of events, including

  • Private Eventsweddings and birthday parties.

  • Meetingscharter to reliably get to an important business meeting.

  • Incentive Tripstake company salesmen to any destination as a reward for their hard work and success.

  • Conferencesjet charter to get passengers to any venue so that they’re ready for the conference.

  • Exhibitionsfly delegates, hosted buyers, sponsors, musicians or journalists.

  • Medical Transport organ /patient transport, crucial on saving a patient’s life,

  • Prisoner Transport police transportation of prisoner from location to location, deportation.

Welcome with your Charter Inquiry!

“Providing professional top quality service for your needs


“We focus on our customers being in the center”

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Fill in the form with your requirements

  • type of operation ACMI, Damp,
    Ad-Hoc, Private, Business, Charter

  • total amount of BH

  • specify routes

  • all legs for ad-hoc
  • total passengers

  • extra requirements “Food & Drink”

  • installation of medical stretcher

Our Flight Dispatcher will be in touch with you
regarding your request.

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Fly Excellent Air Ltd operates ACMI/WET,
Damp, Ad Hoc and Charter services.

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Company Info
Head Office: 
Fly Excellent Air Ltd 
Johan Skyttes Väg 200 
SE-125 34 Älvsjö, Sweden 
Office: +46 (0) 73 620 02 80
Fax: +46 (0) 8 50 10 94 10
E-mail: info@excellentair.eu

Fly Excellent Air Ltd
Box 11225
SE-100 61 Stockholm, Sweden



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